Download the OFFICIAL
2003 Google U.S. Championship TEST
and Preview Instructions

 1. Download both PDF Files:

To download the files to disk:
On PC's - Right click on the link and save file to disk

On MAC's - Click and hold on the link and save file to disk
Preview Instructions
Password: joshua

U.S. Championship

Password: keyLYme314159

The test is a PDF5.0 file. You must have the Adobe Acrobat 4.x or 5.05 reader. Acrobat 5.1 may not work. Download the free Acrobat 5 Reader here


2. Read Preview Instructions Run Acrobat and decrypt the Preview Instructions file using the password shown above. All last-minute instructions are included here--print and read these instructions prior to the test.

Also make sure that you are familiar with the Rules as well as the Hints and Tips pages, and try the Practice Test.

3. Start Test On Saturday, May 31 at 1pm EDT (GMT-4), get the password for the test. 

Note: please ensure in advance that your browser can refresh this page properly. (We believe that many AOL browsers, and perhaps others, do not work instantaneously, if at all.) Otherwise, you may not notice when the password page is updated.

Using Acrobat, decrypt and print the championship test file. (Note: the graphics are optimized for printing, and may not appear correctly on your monitor.)

4. Submit Answers Use the Answer Page to submit your answers before the 2 1/2 hour deadline. The test timer is linked from this page.

5. Check Your Answers After the test, check your answers against the official solution sheet, available via the  Summary Page.

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