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US Puzzle Championship - Privacy Policy

No personal information is collected at this site except on the pages that explicitly ask the user to enter information and click an "accept" button. In addition to the user entered data, the entry and request forms may also save id, timestamp, IP address and browser version information, as needed for test administration and to facilitate troubleshooting procedural and technical problems.


All information collected is used for the purpose of operating the U.S. Puzzle Championship, the US Team (and US Sudoku Team) qualification processes, and from time to time, the qualification for various other country teams. However, if you check any opt-in checkbox during registration (none at this time), then you give us permission to share your registration information with team sponsors, partners, and other parties for promotional purposes. Otherwise this information will not be shared privately with any organization not directly affiliated with the U.S. Puzzle Teams, the World Puzzle Federation, the World Puzzle Championship, or any of the country organizing bodies.


At any time, you may request to have your personal information removed from our mailing list (please contact us with any such requests). Other general information regarding specific competitions, such as individual names, test answers, scores and results is the property of the U.S. Puzzle Championship, and all rights are retained for use in the historical records of the competition.