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2023 U.S. Sudoku Team Qualifying


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Welcome to the home of the 2023 U.S. Sudoku Team Qualifying Test. The official competition is over, but anyone is free to take the test at any time.


Congratulations go to Jason Zuffranieri for taking the top qualifying spot, solving 18 puzzles and earning Part1 early bonus, for a total score of 282.3. Congratulations go to runner-up Jordyn Hyde (280) and Tyler Chen (260) for also qualifying for the U.S. team, to compete at the World Sudoku Championship in Toronto in October.


Seungjae Kwak (391.5) of South Korea was the top international contestant, finishing 13 minutes early. Also perfect or near-perfect were Tantan Dai (390.66) of China, Kota Morinishi (369.6) of Japan, and Josh Bao (360.53) of Singapore.


Thanks go to Wei-Hwa Huang and David Altizio for creating the puzzles; and also to Walker Anderson, Will Blatt, Tyler Hinman, and Tiit Vunk for test-solving.


Thanks to ThinkFun for their financial and web hosting support.


Everything is linked directly from the right sidebar; you'll have to login to download files or submit answers. Links to the US Team site are above.


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