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2011 US Puzzle Championship


The 2011 U.S. Puzzle Championship has concluded, but you are still welcome to try the puzzles!



Congratulations to Palmer Mebane for winning the 2011 championship, and to William Blatt for also being selected to the US Team (joining Thomas Snyder and Wei-Hwa Huang) to compete at the World Puzzle Championship.


Thanks to the 2011 puzzle designers:

  • Nikoli (Sudoku: Kozeniou, Masyu: Momotereu, Corral: Anpuku)
  • Cihan Altay (Crack It On, Flash Cards, Word Connection, Jumping Crossword)
  • Serkan YĆ¼rekli (Blocks, Hex Words, Hopper, Hungarian Tapa)
  • Adam R. Wood (Corral Crates, Dynasty Sudoku)
  • Michael Rios (Takeout, Kaku Rogue)
  • Dave Tuller (Easy as ABCD)
  • Erich Friedman (Times Like These)
  • Shawn Kennedy (Crossed Countries)
  • Patrick Merrell (Barn Storm)
  • Scott Kim (Square Count)
  • Moshe Rubin (Battleships)


Thanks to the test solvers: Ulrich Voigt, Roland Voigt, Niels Roest, Dave Tuller, Michael Rios and Craig Kasper. Thanks to prize sponsors: ThinkFun,


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