2005 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship
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Thanks go to all the puzzle designers who make this even possible:

Erich Friedman (Spinners, Factor Maze, Three Coins, Numerical Jigsaw)
Cihan Altay (Zeros, Observers, Digital Number Place/Sudoku)
Craig Kasper (Piecemaker, Division Subdivision, Crisscross Crash)
Michael Rios (Cross Sums, False Field Fences, Toroidal Number Place/Sudoku)
Shawn Kennedy (Picnic Lunch, Arrow Ring)
Scott Kim (Icon Maze, Count Me In)
Patrick Merrell (Hungarian Goulash, Groundhog Day)
Jay Baxter (Battleships)
Will Shortz (Seven-Letter Hungary)
Nancy Schuster (Famous Hungarians)


Results and scores will be posted for ALL contestants.

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