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2011 US Sudoku Team Qualifying - File Download

Download Encrypted Files

  • Save PDF files to PC: on Windows, Right-click; on Mac: click and hold
  • Get passwords from Decryption Passwords Page


(The test files are each about 1-1.5 Mb. If you do not download the files in advance, you may have trouble reading them at the start of the test due to server congestion. Please make sure you have your own private copies on your computer.)


Practice Test


2011 Instructions and Sample Puzzles (download and read now!)


2011 Qualifying Test Part 1 (download now!)

2011 Qualifying Test Part 2 (download now!)




The test files were created with Acrobat 8.1,

and should be compatible with Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) or greater.