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2024 U.S. Sudoku Team Qualifying


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Welcome to the home of the 2024 U.S. Sudoku Team Qualifying Test. The official competition is over, but anyone is free to take the test at any time.


Congratulations go to Jason Zuffranieri for taking the top qualifying spot, solving 16 puzzles and a total score of 300. Congratulations go to runner-up Jordyn Hyde (285) for also qualifying for the U.S. team, to compete at the World Sudoku Championship in Beijing in October. First-alternate is Thomas Luo (250).


Tantan Dai (502.07) of China was the top international participant, finishing the full test over an hour early! Also perfect with bonus on both parts were Tiit Vunk (403.77) of Estonia and Sinchai Rungsangrattanakul (377.03) of Thailand. Others with partial bonus were David Jones (366) of Canada, and Kota Morinishi (353.23), Ken Endo (332.9) and Hideaki Jo (316.97) all of Japan.


Event organizers give a huge thank-you to Wei-Hwa Huang for creating a full set of puzzles with an innovative theme with many new design styles.


And thanks to ThinkFun for their financial and web hosting support.


Everything is linked directly from the right sidebar; you'll have to login to download files or submit answers. Links to the US Team site are above.


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