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2015 U.S. Sudoku Team Qualifying


Welcome to the home of the 2015 U.S. Sudoku Team Qualifying. The official competition is over, but anyone is free to take the test at any time.


Congratulations to Jason Zuffranieri, the top qualifier for the US Team,with the high score of 280 out of 305 points. Also qualifying for the team is Chris Narrikkattu (205) and William Blatt (190), joining Wei-Hwa Huang on the U.S. Team for the World Sudoku Championship in Bulgaria in October.


Thanks to Wei-Hwa Huang for writing all the puzzles for this year's competition. And thanks to Thomas Snyder for test solving.





Everything is linked directly from the right sidebar; you'll have to login to download files or submit answers. Links to the US Team site are above.

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