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2022 U.S. Puzzle Championship


Welcome to the home of the 2022 U.S. Puzzle Championship. The test was held Dec 31 - Jan 8, but is still available for download. Thanks to everyone for participating—we hope you enjoyed the exceptional and flexible experience.


Congratulations go to Zachary Polansky for winning the U.S. Puzzle Championship with 260 points, completing 18 of 22 puzzles. Congratulations also go to close runner-up Thomas Luo, also with 260 points and 18 puzzles solved, just slightly behind on the time tie-breaker. Rounding out the USA top-5 were Will Blatt (237), Jeffrey Bardon (220), and Dan Katz (210).
Cai Ji
 of China (360) and Ken Endo of Japan (354) had the top International score.


Thanks to the 2022 designers for an awesome and innovate selection of puzzles:

  • Joseph Howard (Four Corners, Transparent Shapes, Aqre, Shape Division, Pentominous, Turning Fences, Regional Yajilin)
  • Walker Anderson (Battlestart Myopia, Scrabble Islands, Golem Grad)
  • Tawan Sunathvanichkul (Polish Dinner, Plug n' Play)
  • Serkan Yürekli (Word Puddles, Tapa, Palindrome Kakuro)
  • Adam R. Wood (All or Nothing Sudoku)
  • Moshe Rubin (Battleships)
  • Richard Hess (Scorecards)
  • Nikoli (Double Choco, Sudoku, Bag, Masyu)



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