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2012 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship


The 2012 competition has concluded, but you are still welcome to try the puzzles! Registered users will be notified 2-4 weeks before the 2013 event, when these pages will be refreshed.



Welcome to the home of the Google U.S. Puzzle Championship.


Congratulations to Thomas Snyder for winning the 2012 championship, with a perfect score of 395 + 31 time bonus. Congratulations also go Jonathan Rivet for being the top qualifier, joining Thomas, Palmer Mebane and Wei-Hwa Huang on the U.S. Team at the 2012 World Puzzle Championships.


Thanks to the 2012 puzzle designers:

  • Nikoli (Sudoku, Masyu, Corral)
  • Cihan Altay (Shadow Boxing, A Crossword, Pentahouses, Space Probes, Magic Order, Fences Variation)
  • Serkan YĆ¼rekli (Tren, Tapa, Frozen Pentominoes, Snail's Nest, Gapped Kakuro)
  • Adam R. Wood (Musketeer Sudoku)
  • Moshe Rubin (Battleships)
  • Shawn Kennedy (Packing for Croatia)
  • Michael Rios (Complementary Domains)
  • Nick Baxter/Patrick Merrell (Pond Scum)
  • Grant Fikes (Multiplicative Corral)
  • Erich Friedman (Math Flip)


Thanks to the test solvers and proofreaders: Ulrich Voigt, Roland Voigt, and Michael Rios. Thanks to prize sponsor: ThinkFun.


Everything is linked directly from the right sidebar; you'll have to login to download files or submit answers. Links to the US Team site are above.