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US Puzzle Championship


The 2010 U.S. Puzzle Championship has concluded, but you are still welcome to try the puzzles!



Congratulations to Thomas Snyder for winning the championship for the fifth year in a row, and to Roger Barkan and Palmer Mebane for being selected to the US Team (joining Thomas and Wei-Hwa Huang) to compete at the World Puzzle Championship.


All results, solutions, and statistics are available at links to the right.


Thanks go to all the puzzle designers and contributors who make this event possible:

Nikoli (Sudoku, Masyu, Corral, Sukoro)

Cihan Altay (Islands, Mirror Mirror, Digitile, Route)

Erich Friedman (Hex Equation, Rectangle Maze)

Craig Kasper (Criss Cross Sums, X-Agony)

Moshe Rubin (Battleships)

Michael Rios (Takeout)

Dave Tuller (Hex Masyu)

Scott Kim (Count Me In)

Patrick Merrell (Groundhog Day)

Ed Pegg, Jr. (Constant Sum)

Rob Bogart (PentaPath)

Adam R. Wood (Sukazu)

Aziz Ateş (Four Square)



Welcome to the new US Puzzle Championship web pages. Everything is linked directly from the right sidebar; you'll have to login to download files or submit answers. Links to the US Team site are above.