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2007-2008 Puzzle Contributors

Craig Kasper: Craig Kasper's Google Site
Erich Friedman:
Erich's Puzzle Palace
Patrick Merrell:
Scott Kim: Scott Kim Puzzlemaster
Moshe Rubin: Mountain Vista Software
Will Shortz: Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
Adam R. Wood: Zotmeister's LiveJournal
Nick Baxter:
Nick's Puzzle Links

2000-2006 Puzzle Contributors

Robert Abbott: Logic Mazes
Cihan Altay: PQRST Puzzle Competition
Ken Duisenberg: Ken's Puzzle of the Week
Adrian Fisher: Adrian Fisher Maze Design

Bruce Oberg:
Ed Pegg Jr.
Steve Ryan: Steve Ryan Games

James W. Stevens: PuzzleBeast

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WPC10, Part 9 Slide Show:
Rubik's 1999 WPC site:

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Japanese 2001 Test:
Matthew Daly's WPC Test Analysis:
Practice puzzles from Tim Peeters:

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