2009 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship
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Thanks go to all the puzzle designers and contributors who make this event possible:

Nikoli (Sudoku, Corral, Masyu, Yajilin)
Erich Friedman (Coordinate Pairs, C Notes, 2-3 Maze)
Dave Tuller (Wolf and Sheep in Fences, Inside/Outside Corral)
Aziz Ateş (Triangular Skyscrapers, Four Square)
Craig Kasper (Writer's Block, Magic Puzzle'Rs,Di-Agony)
Adam R. Wood (Eminent D'OHmain, SuDUOku)
Nick Baxter & Patrick Merrell (Switch Cheese)
Nick Baxter (Window Pain)

Ken Duisenberg (Sweet Sixteen)
Shawn Kennedy (Lucky Sevens)
Nextoy LLC (Missing Operation KenKen®)

Ed Pegg Jr. (Sum Thing)
Moshe Rubin (Battleships)


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