9th World Puzzle Championship

Test Booklets and Solution Sheets

Download the puzzles and solutions for selected sections by clicking on the section name. Each section is saved as a compressed ZIP file containing two PDF files, the problem file and the solution file.

Please read the list of Puzzle Designers. These are the individuals and companies whose creativity and generosity made this year's WPC a spectacular solving experience!

The time allocations are those used for the actual competition. In some cases, the competition environment was supplemented, as described in the Notes.

Note: The download files for the other sections are currently unavailable, but can all be found in Volume 3 of World-Class Puzzles from the World Puzzle Championships.

Section Name Solving Time Notes
I Assorted Puzzles (1.4Mb) 2 hours  
II  Lunar Lockout (0.4Mb) 45 minutes Each competitor was given a souvenir Lunar Lockout game by Binary Arts to assist solving.
III  Multi-Level Block Maze (0.1Mb) 35 minutes Each team had a souvenir model of the maze to assist solving.
IV  Manipulative Puzzles (0.7Mb) 45 minutes Each competitor had four physical puzzles to solve. Three of the four can be reproduced from the test booklet; for the fourth puzzle, the specified Zome pieces are required to solve problem 4.
V  Battleship Variations (0.5Mb) 1 1/2 hours  
VI  Potato Appeal (1Mb) 2 1/2 hours A variety of physical items were given to each team. This modified booklet allows you to solve all the puzzles without these additional items.
VII  Optimization (0.5Mb) 45 minutes  
VIII  Assorted Puzzles (1Mb) 2 1/2 hours Sample: #15 Triangle Trisection
IX  Finals (1.3Mb) 30+ minutes The ten finalists were given puzzle instructions 1 hour prior to the test. The puzzle diagrams were presented only on stage; the finalists did all their work in separate notebooks. The 10th place individual had 30 minutes to solve the puzzles. The 1st through 9th place individuals had proportionately more time, based on the point totals after the first eight rounds.

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