2007 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship
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Thanks go to all the puzzle designers who make this even possible:

Craig Kasper (Fence Posts, Multiplicity, No Parking)
Michael Rios (Comic Strips, ORu Kakuro)
Dave Tuller (Masyu, Corral)
Patrick Merrell (Brazilian Wild Life, Gull From Ipanema)
Sidney Kravitz (Sum Figure, Double Murder)

Mark Steere (Circuit Maze)
Adam R. Wood (Fridge Magnets)

Moshe Rubin (Battleships)
Scott Kim (Count Me In)
Nancy Schuster (All About Rio)
Glenn Iba (Round Trip)
Shawn Kennedy (Arrow Ring)
Erich Friedman (Tiling)
Nick Baxter (Diagonal Sudoku)


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