2006 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship
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Thanks go to all the puzzle designers who make this even possible:

Craig Kasper (Piecework, Benign Crisscross, Atomic Fusion, Tetris Crisscross)
Erich Friedman (Pentomino Puddles, Hex House, Slide Weight, Distance)
Michael Rios (Irregular Sudoku, Plus or Minus Kakuro)
Cihan Altay (Suspects, Traffic Signs)
Patrick Merrell (Mice, Welcome to Bulgaria)
Shawn Kennedy (Arrow Ring, Packing for Bulgaria)
Dave Tuller (Fences Variation)
Bruce Oberg (Septoku)
Glenn Iba (Round Trip)
Ken Duisenberg (Sudoku)
Moshe Rubin (Battleships)
Nancy Schuster (Bulgarian Provinces)
Scott Kim (Closing the Loop)


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