SIGN UP Now! The Sign Up Page will ask for team name, captain's name and contact info (phone/email) as well as choice of date.

Details: BANG 23 will be run on both Saturday, September 18th and Sunday, September 19th. A maximum of 30 teams can participate on each of these days and the order of registration will determine spots.

Schedule for the day:

9:00 - 9:30 AM - Registration at Washington Park in Burlingame (near the rose garden on the north-west corner)

9:30 AM - 4:45 PM - Puzzle sites are open; at 4:45 sites will close and teams will be encouraged to start walking back to the end location.

5:00 PM - Wrap-up and prizes

Cost: Each team registration will cost $20. Payment will be accepted by PayPal and once payment is received a team will be considered officially registered. If payment has not been received by September 14th, then any teams on the waiting list will be approached to take over that spot.

Prizes: Each team is asked to bring a prize worth ~$15-20.

A reminder - this is a long and difficult event so prepare for a full day of puzzling. Snacks will be provided at one of the puzzle locations, but teams are encouraged to find lunch around one of the puzzles in downtown Burlingame or to bring their own lunch.

Confirmation: Here is a list of the teams signed up so far.

Saturday, Sept 18
Sunday, Sept 19
Team Paid Time Team Paid Time
Judean People's Front yes 9/4 10:00am Mystic Fish yes 9/4 10:00am
Get on a Raft with Taft yes 9/4 10:00am Caffeine Aftershocks yes 9/4 10:00am
Kittens Kittens Kittens yes 9/4 10:00am Longshots yes 9/4 10:01am
What's Fennel? yes 9/4 10:01am Golden Golems yes 9/4 10:01am
Old Larkin yes 9/4 10:01am Inspector Gadget yes 9/4 10:01am
Bill Brasky yes 9/4 10:03am Meat Machine yes 9/4 10:01am
Bad Horse yes 9/4 10:03am Code Yellow yes 9/4 10:01am
Lush Us yes 9/4 10:04am The Talkin' 'Eds yes 9/4 10:01am
Go Banana! yes 9/4 10:06am Haberdashers yes 9/4 10:02am
Go Apple! yes 9/4 10:08am Eating Buildings yes 9/4 10:03am
Galactic Trendsetters yes 9/4 10:21am Sol Survivors yes 9/4 10:03am
Alcohol Gas yes 9/4 11:09am AC Durand yes 9/4 10:42am
central services west yes 9/4 11:28am Snow Job yes 9/4 11:04am
SPIES yes 9/4 11:41am BWhite yes 9/4 11:11am
Blue Carbuncle yes 9/4 11:41am Domokun Allstars yes 9/4 11:16am
CRANEA yes 9/4 12:02pm The Moops yes 9/4 11:44am
Eigenpirates! yes 9/4 1:06pm The Smoking GNU yes 9/4 11:55am
Learninators yes 9/4 1:36pm coed astronomy yes 9/4 2:20pm
Magnum, P.I. yes 9/4 2:18pm dog x dog chicken yes 9/4 3:38pm
Fish fish fish fish fish yes 9/4 2:19pm Dr. Horrible yes 9/4 6:21pm
Adorabloodthirsty yes 9/4 2:45pm Hostel California yes 9/4 7:29pm
Brains in Jars yes 9/5 10:21pm I Love Lucas yes 9/5 11:01am
P.A.S.T. yes 9/5 11:01pm Four Musketeers Candy Bar yes 9/6 11:29am
Cardinal yes 9/6 12:22pm glurmun yes 9/6 4:54pm
Mo Bunny Mo Problems yes 9/6 3:49pm Save the Manatees yes 9/6 6:45pm
Hookd on Fonix yes 9/6 11:08pm R.O.U.S. (Riddles of Unusual Size) yes 9/7 4:55pm
Team With No Name yes 9/7 8:15am Discourager of Hesitancy yes 9/8 11:24am
Nekketsu High School Puzzle Solving Club yes 9/11 11:03pm We're Doomed yes 9/15 1:41am


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