US Sudoku Team
2007 Qualifying


1. Download PDF test and SAVE TO DISK  You can download the file here. Please make sure that you download to your local hard disk, and please do this in advance of the test starting time.

The test is a PDF/Acrobat 5 file. You must have at least the Adobe Acrobat 5 reader (v5.1 not recommended). Download the latest Acrobat Reader here.


3. Double Check  Make sure you've got a copy of the encrypted test saved on your computer, so you don't have to download it again after the starting time.

4. Start Test  On Sunday, January 28 at 1pm EST/10am PST (GMT-4), get the password here for the test.

Note: please ensure in advance that your browser can refresh the password page properly. (We understand that many AOL browsers, and perhaps others, have caching problems and do not work instantaneously, if at all.) Otherwise, you may not notice when the password page is updated.

Using Acrobat, decrypt and print the qualifying test file. Have fun!

5. Submission and Timestamp  When you have completed the test, but no later than the 1 1/2 hour deadline, use the Submission Page to submit the short "answer key" for each puzzle (each puzzle diagram will include an arrow indicating which nine digits to enter). This will establish your completion timestamp. This step is absolutely critical, since it is how we will measure your total time.

The Submission Page has a JavaScript timer that will give you the official test time, if you're curious.

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